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Cultivate your potential. Find fulfillment.

Coaching Designed to help you reach your goals

The role of a coach is to help you reach your goals, whatever those goals may be. Are you concerned about your work-life balance? Managing stress? Or future plans? Those are all great topics we can help you with, as well as many more. 

A coaching session is usually 45 minutes long. You meet individually weekly or monthly with your coach to talk about your goals and decide on what steps you want to take to make your goals a reality.

Our job as the coach is to guide and empower you, NOT to offer you advice or suggestions. We also serve to keep you moving forward by making you accountable to take the steps you decide on. 

Cultivate Coaching Team
Best Coaching for Immigrants

Coaching for Immigrants and First Gen

Do you feel stuck or frustrated?

Concerned that you’re not achieving your American Dream?

Maybe you think you’d be happier doing something else but what? A new career or a small business?

I can help you find your purpose and transform your life. I have my own immigration story. I too had to build a new life for myself and my family. I’ve helped many other immigrants find their path in this country, and now they are leading the life they always wanted. Are you ready to change your life and live out your American Dream?

Ministry Coaching

  • Are you facing multiple challenges vying for your attention?

  • Do you need time to reflect on your life and ministry?

  • Are you ready to strengthen your leadership skills?

Ministry coaching offers a confidential space for you as a Catholic leader to find your own solutions to competing priorities and challenging situations. Research shows coaching to be highly effective for both professional and personal growth and fulfillment. People who have been coached generally report a higher degree of connection and peace in their relationships. An international study found that “Individual coaching created a high degree of satisfaction and was superior in helping participants attain their goals.”

Thanks to my many years in ministry, I understand the needs of and demands on clergy and lay ministers in today’s Church. My private biweekly or monthly sessions offer support grounded in faith during times of transition. Special package pricing is available for people in ministry.

Best Ministry Coaching

Ways Coaching Can Help You

Coaching to Grow Your Potential
Grow Your
Coaching to Find Your Purpose
Discover Clarity
of Purpose
Coaching to Grow Self Confidence
Improve Your
Coaching for a Balanced Life
Create a
Balanced Life

Are you ready to

Break through a plateau, overcome obstacles & achieve your lifelong goals?